Maude is not helping

The title of this site is disingenuous. Maude is, in many ways, helping. Her existence helps me with my mental health daily and the very existence of this site and, by extension, Maude’s artwork is expected to provide joy to viewers – both deliberate and incidental – and to assist in raising money for animal and environmental charities in need.

Maude is also, however, a conjurer of chaos and does not bring a semblance of order to my life. I am fine with this. You should be, too.

Like a lot of creative people (whether they be human, or in Maude’s more peculiar case, a rabbit) ideas and creativity do not blossom from structure and rigid order. You might be different, but Maude is not.

She is, after all, a lagomorph. And you, if you are reading this, most likely are not.

Still, we can all agree on one thing: you can win friends with salad, and in Maude’s case, with art as well.